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Let's Go!

Welcome Goddesses! You cannot manifest your true destiny until you remove the blockage that is preventing you from being your true self. Are you ready to be vulnerable? Are you ready to create your reality? Let's get "Loose".

March 24, 2021
6:00pm Central Time

5 Step Process

During this conference we will focus on a 5 Step Process of Manifesting.

Step 1: Surrender-Let Go. Be prepared to let go of all that no longer serves you. Release addictions, bad habits and even people from your life.

Step 2: Commune: Acknowledge that you are not alone. Connect with all that does serve you. God and the Universe offer the ultimate source of help.

Step 3: Prayer: Ask for what you want and need. You now have the attention of your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and the Super Creator inside; yourself. Be specific about your goals and dreams.

Step 4: Receive: Believe it or not this can be the most difficult step, yet most transforming. Receive your blessings! Understand that you are worthy and deserving.

Step 5: Gratitude: Show that you are grateful for your gift. Be thankful, humble and be willing to share with others

We will explore the full 5 step process within the Loose Woman's Sanctuary.

For updated information, visit our Loose Woman's Sanctuary Event Facebook Page.

Her Story

Do you have a story of "Overcoming" that you would like to share? How have you manifested great things into your life? or are you currently dealing with a challenge that you would like to communicate with your Goddess tribe?

Submit your virtual video or written story here. LWS Her Story

The book that started it all! Brownslip, A Loose Woman's Memoir, is the story of a woman becoming "Loose". Freeing herself from Domestic Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Misogyny, and releasing the pain that caused her own self-destructive behavior and in return taught her to love herself, respect her body, and "Glow Up" in all of her greatness.

Available in paperback and e-book at: Barnes & Noble Nook

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The purchase of Brownslip is suggested but not a requirement for participation of "Loose Woman's Sanctuary"

Mantra Lotus

Author, Activist and Super Conscious Creator.

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